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Free entertainment is irresistible. No one wants to spend if not necessary. However, unfortunately, free movie sites have a bad reputation regarding safety. As they need ads for an income, most of them are annoyingly filled with ads. We see ads everywhere, on the TV, on the streets, on billboards, etc. However, ads on free movie sites are not that safe. If you notice, most of the ads look shady, and it should not come as a surprise that many of them carry viruses and malware. Therefore, in order to watch TV shows online for free, many movie lovers have to compromise with ads. If you are one of them, it will no longer be your headache. sWatchseries is completely free of ads, and we are also free to use. Simply put, sWatchseries is where you get free entertainment with no risks. Not only we provide users with free content and safety, sWatchseries also boasts outstanding features such as fast loading speed, constant updates, HD quality, optimized UI & UX, and many more. Why subscribe to paid streaming services when we offer the same quality for free? 

What is sWatchseries?
sWatchseries  is a TV Series dedicated streaming service that focuses on TV shows only. The site allows you to watch and download thousands of TV shows and series in HD quality without paying a dime. You can find almost all the trending TV shows across the world, no matter what the genre is. What helps sWatchseries stand out from other similar sites is the number of links it offers. For every single title, you can find up to 20 links to stream or download. Therefore, you can rest assured you can always find links that work. Like Flixtor and 123movies, sWatchseries does not host any content. So to be precise, it is safer to name sWatchseries as a search engine. 

Is sWatchseries or 123movies Better for streaming movies and shows?
While 123movies provides users with both movies and TV shows, sWatchseries  only focuses on TV series. That means if you are only interested in TV shows, you are highly likely to find the content of interest on sWatchseries. Both sites are ad-free, safe, and great. Therefore, it is only a matter of preference. 

Is It Illegal to Use sWatchseries?
sWatchseries is not a legal site; however, watching sWatchseries series/ sWatchseries  TV shows/ sWatchseries TV series is not considered illegal according to copyright attorneys. But if you plan to download or share pirated content, be aware of possible criminal or civil charges. 

Is sWatchseries safe?
sWatchseries is completely safe to use as it carries no risks at all. Normally free movie sites are infamous for malicious ads. However, there are no ads or pop ups on sWatchseries. Hackers lure users to click on ads to install viruses, trojans, and malware into our device. Therefore, with no ads, hackers can do nothing but sigh and move on. sWatchseries does not require any registration or sign up, which means users are not required to share their private information with us. With no information revealed, there will be no information leakage. To sum it up, sWatchseries is as safe as Google, Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube. 

Is sWatchseries free?
It might sound too good to be true but sWatchseries is completely free. You do not need to pay any single dime to have full access to the site’s content library and features. As long as you have an Internet enabled device, you are all set.   

How To Download From sWatchseries?
Downloading a TV show on DopeBox is as easy as watching it online. To download your video of choice, you need to go to its sub page to play it. When you see the Download icon next to the movie box, click on it. Follow the instructions, and the video will be downloaded for your later usage in no time. 

Why Should You Watch TV Shows Online for Free on sWatchseries?
Because there are not many sites dedicated to TV shows and sWatchseries is the best among them. This feature list will show you how excellent our free service is:
- Biggest content library: With over 100,000 TV shows, sWatchseries arguably has the biggest content library compared to other TV series-focused sites. You can find here almost all series, from the latest releases to classics, from the world-wide famous to regional hidden gems. 
- HD Quality: HD quality has become a must for movie fans. No one wants to watch movies and TV shows in SD quality if they are given choices. All titles on sWatchseries come in HD quality. As long as your Internet connection is stable and strong enough, your video of choice will automatically stream and download in 720p. We also provide the option to adjust the video quality in case your Internet connection is weak and you want a smooth watching experience. 
- Fastest streaming experience: With fast load times, the ad-free feature, and the seamless streaming feature, your streaming on sWatchseries will be as smooth as butter without any lagging, buffering, redirects, or pop ups. 
- Daily update with HD movies and series to watch: Our database is updated on a daily basis. Check the site every day and you will find the latest releases, requested titles, as well as interesting shows that you might have never heard about. 
- Friendly UI and UX: Even when it is your first day on the Internet, as long as you know how to use Google, you would know how to navigate and browse through sWatchseries within seconds. If you already know which show to what, type its title in the search box. Or use the site’s filter system for more suggestions. 
- Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported: TV shows and series can take forever. Unlike movies that normally last for 90 minutes, a show can take you months to finish. As sWatchseries is mobile friendly and Chromecast supported, you can continue watching on any device, be it your smartphone, desktop, laptop, or smart TV. 
- Zero ads: Those who are familiar with free movies sites know how annoying ads and pop ups can be. But you do not need to know it if you stay with us. sWatchseries is 100% ad-free, meaning that you will not see any ads, pop ups, or commercials on the site. This feature helps you stream TV shows seamlessly without any interruptions or worries.
- No account or registration needed: sWatchseries does not require any registration or sign up. All you need to do to enjoy endless streaming on sWatchseries is to visit the site, choose a title to watch, and start watching it without any hassle.
- Best customer service: Please be noted that we are on active mode 24/7. Therefore, should you have any problems while using the site, or any request/inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us for prompt assistance. 

Our ultimate goal is to create the best site for users to watch TV shows online for free. Therefore, if you have any problems/suggestions, please leave us some feedback. If you think we have done a good job, please support us by sharing sWatchseries with your family and friends. Thank you!